Brand Art

University brand art is made up of patterns, shapes and graphic treatments reflecting core principles of the UVA brand, including ideas like boundlessness, dynamic movement and a sense of radiating energy. These techniques and tools provide flexibility and depth in expressing the brand visually while encouraging a cohesive look and feel.

Below, view more information about each of these tools and techniques, including instruction for how to achieve many of the final effects. Some of the examples below are straightforward, while others are more complex and best suited for experienced design professionals. For information or support, please contact

Patterns & Shapes Toolkit

These patterns and shapes give additional texture, layers and visual interest to designs. Patterns and shapes are inspired by specific elements of the University's brand.

Color Effects Toolkit

Color effects such as duotone, gradient map, gradient fade, four-color and gradient overlay treatments can add interest and depth to images. This section includes full guidance on using color effects and all required downloads.

Each color effect includes a collection of pretreated images and/or a photoshop action. Photoshop actions streamline the process of producing these effects easily and efficiently.

Photo Treatment Techniques

Photo treatments can add depth and focus to images. Instructions for creating these effects can be found by expanding the chosen effect below.

Collage Techniques

Collages tie together a variety of images into a cohesive whole. They’re appropriate for applications involving collaborative efforts or teams, as they can encompass such a broad range of topics and subjects. 
Collages can be an effective way to express the core brand principles of cross-disciplinary collaboration and shared energy. Instructions for creating these effects can be found by expanding the chosen effect below.