Our University fonts are Adobe Caslon, Franklin Gothic and Bodoni. You can read more about each font in the descriptions below. When used consistently and correctly, these fonts help tell the story of UVA’s past, present and future.  

You’ll need font licenses to use the University's fonts. Adobe Caslon is included in licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud. Those who wish to use Adobe Caslon but do not have Adobe Creative Cloud can purchase a license from a font vendor (examples of font vendors include but are not limited to Monotype Imaging Inc. or University Communications has a limited number of Franklin Gothic and Bodoni licenses to provide to faculty, staff and student employees who request the fonts for official University purposes. Each font license is for an individual and cannot be shared with others. Vendors who wish to do work for the University must use our brand fonts but must obtain the licenses on their own. 

Breakdown of Adobe Caslon Typeface
Creative Expression of Adobe Caslon Typeface

Adobe Caslon is a 20th-century adaptation of a typeface originally designed by William Caslon, the founder of England’s first type foundry. This typeface was used extensively throughout the British Empire during the 1700s, including the British colonies in America. When John Dunlap of Philadelphia typeset the first printed edition of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, Caslon was the typeface he chose. A serif font, Caslon is suited for more formal, traditional applications such as letterhead, business cards and envelopes. Caslon is the font used in the University’s logo system. 

Creative Expression of Franklin Gothic 1
Creative Expression of Franklin Gothic 2

Franklin Gothic is a simple and versatile sans serif font with a modern feel. This family of fonts is the most flexible among the fonts in the UVA brand. All weights and faces are available for use but should be used with discretion and design best practices in mind. Franklin Gothic is the primary typeface for both headlines and body copy in communications and marketing materials. 

Creative Expression of Bodoni 1
Creative Expression of Bodoni 2

Bodoni is considered a secondary font in the UVA brand. Bodoni Poster Italic is most frequently used because it provides a bold but studious feel. A more designed font, the typefaces within the Demi Compressed Italic Bodoni family are not intended to be used as primary fonts, but sparingly, as accent design elements.