Academic/School Departments & Units Logos

The University’s logo system includes formal and short-form logos for departments, offices, centers, labs or other units within schools and academic entities such as the University of Virginia Library. University Communications creates these logos upon request; members of the University community are not authorized to create their own using elements of the University logo system. If you need a logo or have a question, please write to

informal one line secondary unit logos for Darden.

This option will be used to create a logo when the department or unit name is 37 characters or less, including spaces. 

two line secondary school logos for Darden

This option will be used when the department or unit name is more than 37 characters, including spaces. 

collage of logos for one and two line centers or labs within schools

The formal center/lab logo can be used in applications such as stationery where the official center name is necessary. The short form center logo can be used in more informal applications, such as promotional items where the colloquial center name is appropriate.