University Logos

The University of Virginia logo system was crafted intentionally - from the representation of the Rotunda to the joined characters in the typeface. University logos are registered trademarks and may only be reproduced with permission. Alterations of any kind are not permitted.  

Formal Horizontal version of the University of Virginia logo

The Rotunda

The Rotunda symbol is based on Thomas Jefferson’s rendering. The Rotunda was patterned after the Pantheon in Rome, and like the Pantheon, it is based on a perfect sphere. The symbol contains 13 stars, representing those on the original American flag and signifying Jefferson’s intention to create a national University that would inspire generations of leaders.

The University Logotype

UVA’s logotype is Adobe Caslon, a 20th-century adaptation of a typeface originally designed by William Caslon, the founder of England’s first type foundry. When John Dunlap of Philadelphia typeset the first printed edition of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, Caslon was the typeface he chose.

Correct use of the University logo system is essential to maintaining our brand identity. If you have questions about how to use the logo system correctly, or if you need something you do not see on the brand website, contact University Communications at

DO NOT make changes of any kind to our logos, including but not limited to:

  • Adding a drop shadow or any other effects to a UVA logo.
  • Changing the colors or color configurations.
  • Placing a UVA logo in a container or shape of any kind.
  • Changing the typeface of any part of a UVA logo.
  • Rearranging, adding to or subtracting from the elements of a logo.
  • Connecting other words or symbols to a logo.
  • Placing a logo on a color that does not provide sufficient contrast.
  • Placing a logo on a visually distracting background.