Social Media Guidelines

As stewards of the UVA brand, we apply excellence for the purpose of telling the UVA story in a creative, cohesive way that is true to who we are and what we stand for. We apply this standard to University social media, too. Before creating a social media account that represents or is affiliated with the University of Virginia, please review all the resources on this page.

Note: This guidance pertains to the academic division of the University. For information about UVA Health’s guidelines, please go to their brand page or contact Megan Munkacsy, social media manager. For information on UVA Athletics’ social media, please visit their social media accounts page or contact Wilbur DeLashmet, assistant director of creative content and digital strategy.

Steps to Take Before Setting up a UVA-Affiliated Social Media Account

  1. Social media accounts must follow the rules and regulations laid out by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Review the state’s “Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media” policy. This covers many basic questions, including prohibitions on posting inappropriate content.
  2. Email with your name and University affiliation to be added to relevant social media directory of UVA accounts.
  3. Join the UVA Social Media Managers’ Facebook group.
  4. Review all the guidance on this page and use all the appropriate templates. UVA-affiliated social media accounts must have correct branding. Templates, specifications and guidance can be found on our Social Media Templates and Specifications page.
  5. Review UVA’s comment policy below. Posts, comments or images that violate our comment policy are not acceptable and need to be promptly removed.
  6. In the event of a crisis, concerning issue, or emergency, refer to the crisis communications section of this page before posting or commenting.